and I simply remove the telephone jet and plug it into this box here the modem I then take another wire from the modem and plug it in where the telephone was I can then switch on the modem to now telling me to phone up the main press’ll computer it is a very simple connection to make extremely simple I’m now waiting for the computer to answer me and things are starting to happen things are starting to happen why did you buy a computer well I was very interested in the new technology and didn’t want to be left behind I don’t think it’s only for the youngsters at school now I think as older ones we’ll have to learn a lot about it what do you same turn out anyway Internet is that massive computer network the one that’s becoming really big now what do you mean that’s biblia how does one in no way what are you right to it like mail no a lot of people use it and communicate it I guess they can communicate with NBC writers and producers Allison can you explain what internet is the world is in financial disarray currencies filing economy’s in wild flocks jobs being lost but what if you could build an entirely new economy one specifically designed for the digital realm well that is the dream behind Bitcoin a Bitcoin for those of you who don’t know is an electronic online currency that was created in 2009 I was made by someone who did it under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto like any economy you don’t want too much too fast because then the value of your currency drops or so slow that your economy ground store halt it’s designed to be a self stabilizing economy whether it actually is that way though will that it’s a little bit more complicated because some people have said hey bitcoin is the answer to those problems are you a believer well bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be bitcoin is is better than currency and it you don’t have to have me physically in the same place and of course for large transactions currency can get pretty inconvenient and what is Bitcoin bitcoin is a currency on the Internet I sent a hundred euros worth of Bitcoin from here in Tokyo directly to you guys through this camera through the network through the TV right into your home if I had tried to do that send you the money with a traditional bank it would have taken several days and probably cost thirty euros I just did it right now with Bitcoin instantly basically for free and didn’t have to ask anybody permission I didn’t need a bank I didn’t need a government I didn’t need anybody I just needed myself and you and our smartphones to do it that’s the power of Bitcoin Wall Street is fraud America is fraud the world is fraud banks are front central banks are fraud we live in a narrow fraud it’s all based on fraud and they’ve get a percentage of the fraud that’s the business model to suggest that there is any moral or ethical aspect to anything that’s going on now is to be completely naive about the fact that we live in an era dominated by financial terrorists terrorists terrorists she hotties of banking they’re here to kill you and themselves they believe in an ideology not the Koran but Adam Smith that they completely miss read and interpret as something to justify their blowing themselves up Jerry yellows and terrorists marry old Chinese and terrorists the Central Bank of Japan Terence these are the real terrorists [Music] those received this community is switching to what they think is a better monetary system a system in which banks are no longer needed because payments could be made directly from one person to another Bitcoin is fundamentally different because in Bitcoin you don’t owe anyone anything and no one owes you anything it is not a system based on that it is a system based on ownership and no one can censor it no one can seize it no one can freeze it it’s November the 2nd 2008 just six weeks after the Lehman Brothers collapse and all over the world there are panicked debates about how to save the banks then on a little visited web forum for cryptographers a document appears in which a completely new monetary system is proposed the visionary author calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto these were the darkest days of the financial crisis so that to me suggests a very clever mind that saw an opportunity the perfect opportunity to introduce a new radical technology and new radical approach to money in finance at just the right moment when people would be very open to making this big shift that’s required to adopt a new currency what’s exciting for me is like a global economy right now we say we have a global economy but I can’t take a dollar and give it to you in the Netherlands and then you know what to do with it right you have to go and change it to your native currency and when you kind of eliminate that step and I can just send you one form of payment and you can send me a product in a matter of seconds that starts to change things from a from a global perspective how could this digital coin invented by this Satoshi Nakamoto become hundreds of times more valuable than the dollar and why do enthusiasts like Roger fear want the world to switch to bitcoins I’m giving you every book every single person here 1,000 yen worth of bitcoins which is like $8 in something since back in the early days you know I get phone calls from my buddies oh hey man I lost 10,000 bitcoins because my computer blew up right back then one Bitcoin was less than a penny right so nobody cared they lost $10 okay right now 10,000 bitcoins that’s you know five million dollars that’s a big deal right I think a lot of people are under estimating the way in which Bitcoin and the blockchain are going to change the power structures in society in general I mean I grew up in the US and uh I see all these people like yeah nuke everybody in the Middle East and kill them all and then they have the former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on 60 minutes one of the most popular news shows in the US and they asked her they said like there’s reports that more than half a million Iraqi children have died as a direct result of US sanctions and she looks back at her with a straight face and she goes it was a really tough decision but I think that it was worth it worth murdering half a million kids because of what the government did and I apologize for crying but it just disgusts me from my core when I see government people murdering people around the world it’s not just theoretical these are real people with real lives and it’s real people and Bitcoin has the power to undermine everything they’re doing to people around the world and I’m sorry for shouting but it just disgusts me what these people in government – and they do it through central banking and through the control of the money supply and Bitcoin takes that away from them you can buy Bitcoin in Shell station check it out good got $2 shit finished hope $2 Bitcoin just like that from this machine I just turned cash in and digital currency so thinking of it that it’s too late to get involved in Bitcoin is like thinking it’s too late to get involved with the internet or too late to get involved with using a cell phone like it’s not too late to get involved in the Bitcoin if Bitcoin becomes really popular all over the world bitcoins are going to have to be worth at least tens of thousands of dollars a Bitcoin if not hundreds of thousands of dollars perfect per Bitcoin so thinking it’s too late to get involved with with Bitcoin it’s like thinking it’s too late to get involved with with using the Internet of course not like it’s ubiquitous in our lives and Bitcoin is going to become ubiquitous in our lives as well

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