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Hi everyone its chase elearn and Peter Marais good morning good morning to you and welcome to the vet going years welcome to the between use and the bit good process going down a little bit this weekend it has gone down by about $100 but you know still looking very very strong and still over $4,000 at four thousand and sixty three at the moment it’s actually building a little bit of a support placed at 4000 and if it holds here it could be setting up for another leg higher it could be there are some people that are predicting over 5,000 by the end of the year and of course the interview the year is creeping up very very quickly it’s amazing this year’s flown right there’s so much that happened oh look at that cerium at 305 yes excellent look ethereum is also got a got a support base yeah I mean it’s just it just seems to be chugging along and but there’s a lot of stuff for that’s happening in the background that makes it very very bullish for the future that is true so let’s see what the stuff in the background entails you know we are looking at the news yes we’re looking at the news and we’re on our Facebook page so please if you haven’t liked our Facebook page yet please go and do so lots of stuff on there and you know of course everybody wants to know what is driving net but Quinn price what is what are the fundamentals and one of them of course is consumer adoption yes and consumer adoption has been growing growing growing since inception of Bitcoin but I think the biggest adoption has been in Japan since the legalization of Bitcoin and making it you know legal tender it’s been flowing yes and you know we just see in particularly in Japan I mean there are so many merchants that are that are starting to take on Bitcoin as you know as a payment system since the the country legalized it in April I mean they’re really that that moving April was such big news yes I mean it was the biggest news of the year so far for sure the most bullish news of the year that’s for sure but you know it’s not without drama he has yes some drama in a company called betray they’re saying that major developers or influential developers on our accused of payment process of fraud there’s a whole lot of social media calls for full boycotting well I think the whole reason why these this actor is because of different this new for coming because but that play is pushing its own agenda so it’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out and we’re looking at an image of secure cooling I mean this is an image of the bit faults that’s going to be launched into the world at the end of October and here you can actually make a secure call with a with the first blockchain phone I mean it’s incredible yes this is incredible product and you know just secure cooling secure messaging but the most important feature of the battle is that it’s secure identification and unique identification system whereby if you talk to a company or your bank or whatever they can now if they involve can actually certify that you speaking to them because ultimately with a bit fault you are the key so the identification features of network on unique a very interesting product and we will shortly talk a little bit more about all these features and enlighten people about how they would work because I see we get a lot of questions from people you know you don’t understand the product if that’s excellent but one of the other things that is starting to boom and that is the Internet of Things and obviously you know they say that there’s something like 20 billion devices that are going to be connected to the Internet by 2025 and you know because we’re in this old digital economy because we’ve also been seeing lots of cyber crime and hacking etc etc we’re gonna need something that’s going to guard us you know against this these malicious actors well yes and the idea of encrypting you know IOT devices is firstly to keep you know it’s safe from hacking and stuff like that but also just you know to keep your bill your own data and everything private so yeah this is definitely one of the fastest growing areas of the internet and of electronics and information technology in general so we’re gonna hear a lot more about this this is like I said all the big companies are involved in this producing IOT devices everything from vacuum cleaners to obviously your smartphone and also apparent I’ll read some way that more than 50% of items connected to the Internet have are not smartphones so that’s actually quite an excitement exciting change because as you say that’s vacuum cleaners fridges rooters all sorts of stuff all sorts of stuff I said you know my morning started off badly because my toaster didn’t want to talk to my coffee maker you know it sounds like really sort of space-age but it’s happening now and of course if utley I mean I was at the armed partnership conference two weeks ago and they showcased our smart house with all the things in there that are going to do a dish out in devices that is very very interesting it’s incredible but the other thing that’s happening is frantic FinTech is is also taking the world by storm the financial world where by storm and yeah they’re saying it’s all happening in Asia but this seems to be a lot of collaboration going on between countries you know Singapore years when Scandinavia so there’s a lot happening well financial technology has always been important but now in the last few years it’s been really been in a boom and really creating so many new jobs and you know people are always talking about jobs and and bringing manufacturing back and stuff like that but I think a lot of people are missing the fact that we would is a booming economy in technology that people are really not seeing because you know a lot of your factories and stuff like this are automated so you do see sometimes that the factories opening somewhere and then people are thinking a lot of jobs are gonna come back but ultimately a lot of those jobs are done by robots but yeah you are you’re young person and you’re looking at you know and career guidance you need to look at things like financial technology because this is creating a total new world where you know there’s this job opportunities and career opportunities that’s just exponentially increasing and on that subject if you go to this page and will probably put the link at the bottom of this video if you want to get involved in in the internet of things and the encryption of things you could actually join during these groups and who knows you know get involved in development or whatever opportunity it’s permissionless and just the other day we saw that they that there’s been a almost like a bounty put out for some development of taking Twitter and putting Twitter onto the blockchain and turns out that the CEOs or so but Queen and obviously into cryptocurrency well yes so we’re gonna tweet on the blockchain yeah that’s gonna help us but we’ll do it and another thing that’s very interesting is these Bitcoin principles and they are eight principles that are part of their business believers sorry Bitcoin believers business manifesto and the one that we we’ve got here is security I think this is very important concept right one of the biggest things about blockchain and a decentralized system of information sharing that’s what you’re really talking about is the fact that you have encryption that secures your private keys and stuff like that so your your private keys encrypt your pure hope your wallets and your information but also um the fact that you don’t have in East one single point of failure so you’ve got a massive network of computers think about blockchain or about Bitcoin it’s really social security cuz there are millions and millions of people running the nodes right so it’s not possible to to stop the NATO a push bar by stopping one computer you’ve basically have to shut all of the internet down yes exactly but here’s a here’s an article talking about Genesis Manning um you know there’s a customer out there that’s saying that it’s respond a Ponzi scheme so there’s a few accusations that have been being flung around here we’ve been talking about cloud mining and the big cloud mining scam for months and months and you know the whole idea of of you know mining in the cloud with somebody else mines for you is there’s no real proof that these guys actually really mind and if they do that they actually mind the amount of contracts that they’re selling and these mining contracts will probably never be profitable so no wonder customers are unhappy and if you ever want to know how this works go to that video that we’ve posted you’ll see this bar they called uncle scab and the video is called how to build a profitable cloud mining Ponzi scheme or something so and of course if you if you want to still know about at the differences between Bitcoin and aetherium there’s also video to watch I mean bitcoin is electronic cash cash and so the question is between cash bit electronic cast in between that’s a good question to ask I see the Bitcoin we didn’t talk about it but the Bitcoin cash prices also skyrocket skyrocketed over the weekend yeah you should have actually mentioned that you know I’m not ever think about it it went up from over 70 percent in two days and who knows why well up until yesterday it had since its inception since it was created it’s actually going up about 114 percent so certainly doing doing pretty well they said that the difficulty here to mine has decreased significantly yes so yes a next level token reward and n is going to be rewarding gamers for skills with these these tokens because there’s a lot of there seems to be a lot of interest in interest in gaming and cryptocurrencies well you know they must have always been at the forefront of technology they used I mean the gaming industry is really single-handedly developed a graphic in court industry because they require new graphics and better you know experience customer experience all the time and the alladhi of rewarding guys with tokens for writing you know performing in gangs means that you could if you did that tokens getting value you couldn’t have been professionally from home yes now this is a cake she caught a funny cartoon is a little girl holding a bunch of bitcoins saying I’m not spending these and so they can bar me the entire candy store well you know what there’s so many people that are sorry that they missed out on buying between when it cost a dollar or so and and and and having said that it’s still not late too late to get involved in Bitcoin because and we believe it’s a great store of value but also you know talking about other cryptocurrencies as well sometimes they are currencies that have really got a great use case and are around their price level at the moment you know I’ve got a little message for that little goal this quickly counted is 16 bitcoins on that picture which means that she could probably buy the candy store and shells on a bit longer she could tell she could be the candy queen of the world yes and yeah is it seems that Bitcoin ATMs are still sprouting up and now some of these but ATMs in Toronto are on us are supporting aetherium oh that’s interesting you know your butt Queen ATM is like a mini exchange if you really think about it and should be interesting if I start actually adding additional features to this so yeah another interesting development which I gabe’s aimed at the currencies and here’s some stats to look at Bitcoin in the last few years has gotten gone up 2004 percent aetherium has gone up 22 sorry two thousand two hundred and ten percent in six months and Bitcoin cash is is a 114 percent over the last three weeks I mean this is enormous growth and kind of what does these stats to me show that people are loving cryptocurrency and of late things seems to be going a lot faster things are going a lot faster you know what there’s another currency that has been running and that we need to have a look at as well and that is a – – it’s been up significantly in the last few months and I think it just costs $300 as well yes they have indeed I mean they really are messing up now they still a lot of talk about a cos and here’s an article exploring the economy the economies of economics rather of initial Queen offerings I mean there’s there’s a lot happening in in the space a lot of regulation coming and certainly a way of different way of crowdfunding this funding and also a little bit of fun you know and playing around the on the waves platform and these guys creating all kinds of coins just for the fun of it you know it’s not always just about money that’s quite interesting as well you know token creation every token that’s great it doesn’t have to be an icy oh yes so some laws are creating tokens just for their family or or actually a token with a joke in you can okay named a token you can give the token this funny name and then you know sitting there talking to people and in your your wallet will say you know we seem to Tracy so many XYZ coins and it will be a funny line or a joke and not such a low not a laughing matter here is death of the Bitcoin wallet I mean you know it’s it’s really it’s this is a bit of a warning not to keep your your cryptocurrency and your digital assets online in in hot wallets at all these ion exchangers yes this is quite important you know we’ve seen so many aking and for much hacking going on and basically the ultimate thing is keep control of your private keys and you know we’ve been using the Swiss bank in your pocket I know that software that just come out with a new release on the hardware and making it better and better and it’s really you know very very secure device and you want control of your own private keys so if you go to a link below this video you’d still be able to get the product so go get yourself one because III know there’s been a few delays in shipping because of all the orders coming in so but they are you know producing all the time and another interesting development is that it’s respect in your pocket it’s actually going to integrate the cerium very very shortly so they’ll be here in wallet and it’s also going to be an IOT integration so there have been a or T wallet inside the Swiss bank in your pocket as well excellent and as we mentioned earlier about Japan I mean Japan says it’s the largest customer to customer CGC ticket marketplace and it’s got five million users now they’re starting to accept Bitcoin as well so this means another five million people are going to see Bitcoin every single day so you know this is building so in what happened in Japan is it showed you that if you if your legal system legalizes Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies as a as a means of exchange it immediately changes the whole world of crypto right it’s totally you the transform Bitcoin in Japan and as Amanda major impact on the Bitcoin process it certainly has because it seems that 50% of Bitcoin is trading is coming from Japan I’m not surprised to see that statistic and yeah we’ve just been talking a lot about dat so here is a short video why ERT why you should get involved and and just understand the reasons and and you know one of these things are you know imagine if you had bought Bitcoin system just a few years ago I mean where would you be today amazing and the picture of the little plane might be shows us that your beauty is on the brink of taking off so interesting developments here and we’ll keep obviously keep you posted on what’s happening with all of this we will indeed and on that note that’s the end of the news for today that’s the end of the news and all I want to say is have a great week have a great day but don’t forget the three most important things you need to do today firstly go down to this video and go subscribe because if you’re not subscribed you’re gonna miss out on the news and do a lovely voices go and like a Facebook page and our Facebook page really keeps you up to date with the news and go and please sign up on your blog onto our mailing list so that we can sing your all kinds of commercial advertisements to entice you to buy something that would be highly appreciated as world nor in all seriousness if you sign up in our community we’ll give you a free cryptocurrency education and we really try to stay abreast of the news so so please join us and I have the nice crypto week absolutely have a wonderful wonderful week tears from me Jojo you

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