This Is Why Rothschild Banks Fear Bitcoin

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Imagine right now in one instant the money in your wallet checking or investment accounts could purchase only 110 or 100 of what it could yesterday how would your life be affect could this even realistically happen well who is in control of your money and how the US dollar works not you did you decide in 2008 to help bail out large failing bank probably not but your government did did you notice how prices rose for gas and food after this our crisis was witnessed by the world by our creditors yet our government borrowed more money and the Federal Reserve printed more dollars all of these events change the value of each dollar you have at any moment another event could happen that changes the value of these dollars more dramatically so how can you protect yourself you may have been told to store wealth in real estate or gold and silver these are good places to store wealth but you cannot buy groceries or goods directly with these assets because they aren’t currency you can’t transfer their value easily or efficiently for real-world transactions there is a form of currency that does not deal in dollars and that is actually inflation group it is the bankers worst fear [Music] why scheduling so expensive telling us which food brands are ready for the uptick in cost the United States has just lost its top-notch triple-a credit rating 18 people have been charged and what may be one of the nation’s largest credit-card fraud ring so what some are calling fool’s gold it is the virtual currency called is a kind of holy grail of payment we’re asking whether or not this currency really has any longevity let alone legitimacy how can I hedge against inflation and other government manipulation one thing I did was to buy Bitcoin what are they I don’t really know that much about Bitcoin bitcoin is a purely online currency with no intrinsic value it is digital currency which you can then use to buy things online Bitcoin is it coin Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin what is Bitcoin Bitcoin first introduced in 2009 as a relatively new technology in today’s ever-changing world Bitcoin is a digital currency an innovative tool that is revolutionising people’s daily lives as is smartphones eBay YouTube and even the Internet itself and communicate with people live anywhere in the world by typing on the keyboard you’ve got mail the Bitcoin network facilitates the instantaneous transfer of value across any distance over any borders to any place on earth specifically it allows any person in any place with an internet connection to receive and transfer values to send $8,000 from America to Australia to Western Union which charges 336 dollars in contrast any value Bitcoin can be transferred with a fee of no more than two cents at today’s exchange rate besides being able to transfer wealth instantly bitcoin is highly valuable because in a specially designed software the supply at currency units also called bitcoins is increased at a steady rate new Bitcoin creation will only cease in the year 2140 with a total of 21 million bitcoins as of September 2013 there exist in circulation over eleven and a half million bitcoins over half the total supply that will eventually be mine mining bitcoins the process by which new bitcoins come into existence they are created in blocks and currently 25 bitcoins are ninety per block blocks are generated about every ten minutes as regulated by the software code and sent to the computer that mined them the best miner is the one with the most computational power but it is also based on luck who wins the reward a rough estimate would put the total number of Bitcoin miners at 100,000 this mining process is more specifically known as hashing a manual let’s start off with your website a shingle code when did you get the idea to create a hosted mining cloud hashing service when my wife decided to throw all my computers from the Attic I started off mining Bitcoin using computers I had a few computers sitting around and running permanently so the guest could not come around and and spend time just because the room was super hot like log a heat stroke and at same time it was costing a lot of money little for electricity I invested in a six then upon my investment a six or a friend they were interested so that one I thought let me do a computer lookit I thought let me manage it for them so from doing that it kind of spiraled into a business and you know we launched our dashing in April this year and we’ve been selling what you call quick coin mining contracts ever since it bother you that we don’t know who created it I first heard about it in 2010 so I didn’t think it was a good idea because I just could see how it could take off into the mainstream and will behold three years later the value this skyrocketed and I thought oh my goodness I missed out on a golden opportunity an advent of something great here I think the very fact that um I didn’t know who created it kind of raised a lot of a lot of questions I mean God realistically that didn’t matter the math itself and the proof-of-work concept itself – super secure and currency it may be hard to trust such a new strange and exciting system like Bitcoin some mainly computer technology enthusiasts RAC Bitcoin is more secure than email I’m I’m baking in your etrade account what made you say you know what I’m going to trust Bitcoin well it has a great question the Internet I do you trust it I pretty much have to you trust the internet you don’t necessarily trust everybody on the Internet no right but interest the Internet you trust that you go in and type in on your browser and you get to Walmart com it’s just that’s Walmart er yeah and there are legitimate actors on the internet right like and Pierre you bought stuff there well bitcoin is very similar it is computer code that’s a protocol like email a person would not normally assume anyone in this case can see delete or otherwise access their email account without their permission and password there is one exception and that your email provider could shut you down or even spy on you as NSA’s requests why should people start taking a serious look at it who want to get off the government’s radar I think it’s a very important thing one thing that we don’t really fully appreciate is the level of surveillance that we’re under and now all of your transactions are being database archive stored and they’re going to be searchable forever and you don’t know who’s going to be in power in four years or eight years or twenty years and you don’t know what they’re going to do with that information and so why even have that information appear there in the first place Bitcoin allows you to take control of that and to have it not even appear this brings us to the topic of centralization bitcoin is decentralized this means there is no central authority that can stop any specific Bitcoin transactions and the same goes for the Bitcoin system as a whole no one can lock or freeze a Bitcoin law their address unlike a bank account no one can arbitrarily create more bitcoins in the software program was designed to make no one can change the software without the majority of the entire network abusers accepting a change programmers of the Bitcoin chakra are that’s limited in their scope of changes to what the market is driving max right he wrote a book called Bitcoin revolution a lot of people are fearful that the government’s going to attack it with regards to resisting government violence I think bitcoin is a really really unique tomato unique currency in all of history it’s never happened before so in the analogy that the Bitcoin advocates used is where the guns to Napster we all know Napster was a great file-sharing but it was run out of a central server and a company there was a CEO to harass those other companies are asked and the government can send in men with guns and forced them to unplug the server services over Bitcoin in the same way BitTorrent solved the problem for Napster it was decentralized and there was no one’s arrest there’s no you have to put a policeman in every you know bedroom and every house in the country or the planet to bring down BitTorrent so – with Bitcoin there is no one to harass there is no CEO it is a distributed peer-to-peer network that authorizes and guarantees the sanctity of the network and so for that reason it is incredibly resilient to violence and I find it very very interesting that at a time when we’re going to my expectations we’re going to go through a currency crisis and currency wars like we’ve never seen before here with Jim Rickards he’s the author of currency wars got to start out there bitcoin what are your thoughts one of my least favorite topics because I’m very skeptical of bitcoin they’ve actually read detective the papers are supposing a lot of people about it it is cool technology good encryption they the Block chain method of validating the fact that it’s decentralized and dispersed you can fire a drone this or the Bitcoin server and it doesn’t matter if it there’s another one over here it’s got the Block chain and they can validate so I understand all that it’s cool stuff and it does attract libertarians and it does attract technophiles now that you know what bitcoin is you should recognize how digital currency is a threat to the current banking system and institutions in 2008 bankers profited from the very financial crisis that they created imagine you had the opportunity to not participate in a government monopolize currency systems Bitcoin can be your way out of the corruption the banks will hate it but they can’t stop it bitcoin can solve a multitude of problems firstly inflation our current money supply continually grows because it is based on debt and continual government overspending the US money supply has actually multiplied over 10,000 times in the past 200 years this explains why purchasing power has significantly lowers why coke in 1959 cost a nickel and is now about 20 times that the supply of bitcoins has only increased a specific rate that won’t change this means that it is inflation group Bitcoin also prevents theft if you hold cash not only would to worry about someone stealing your wallet but the government has been known to confiscate cash at airports and during police stops had an encounter with the TSA the Transportation Safety Administration in which they not only want to know who he was who he worked for how did he get the money that he had on him and what did he plan on doing with that month $4,700 what do you have on back in 2012 Mishra’s friends Rajesh and marina Derry was driving her cash across country when Nebraska state troopers cooked them for speeding officers then got permission to search the car in the back they found two bags filled with cash and the rest of the dairies believing the money was ill-gotten you cannot steal bitcoins in a Bitcoin wallet without knowing someone’s password you can copy and store your wallet in an unlimited number of locations and a closet from anywhere with internet access just like email with Bitcoin it is much easier to move your money as we noted earlier it’s also easier to keep your transaction private should you want to remain anonymous from your peers or even the government your name is not connected to your Bitcoin address unless you choose to through third party service that uses Bitcoin the government would need to know and control the entire internet to track or stop Bitcoin payments lastly a great benefit for Bitcoin is the ease of starting your own business you can set up a Bitcoin address to receive money your products or services within seconds versus trying to comply with all your country’s regulations creating a bank account etc you also don’t have to worry about fraudulent payments because Bitcoin transactions are irreversible your business would not have to pay large fees to credit card companies either the customer can simply use a cell phone app to send payments to you if your business that’s a storefront like a bar or a restaurant [Music] bitcoin is already accepted on many online websites for products and services including freelance works donations to organizations pizza shops auctions electronics web hosting domain registration file storage gambling music clothing graphic design and even some massive retail outlets like Bitcoin store calm all right I’m going to go to the toy store when I purchase a laptop and I want to show you guys just how easy this is to do you have a lot of items on here let’s we’re going to pick a laptops because that’s what we need as you can see if you have a lot of different spins you can buy a digital camera desktop you see webcams all kinds of stuff you can also search for but we’re looking for a new laptop and you can see this is just like going to any other store that would accept US dollars we’ve got this milk book here we can add the cart here’s the cart proceed to checkout so just like if you went to Best Buy you can register or you can just check out as a gas let’s check out the guest today let’s simply input our information our next step is our shipping method what pay method is going to be Bitcoin place order okay so we would just scan this with our phone or we could use you address to pay it and once you do that and put that in your Bitcoin wallet and the transaction is complete today is September 22nd so I guess we’ll see how fast they ship it out awesome only in two days free shipping we ordered it on the 22nd September we received until the 24th she’s got all your accessories and new things and a lot I did clean and extra for it perfect that would be too let’s do it oh thank you with Bitcoin all right come on business net and I’m going to sell my old TV a lot of my friends don’t for giving me crap so I end up getting this new TV up at this TV for gosh ten years now it’s a 62 inch sweetheart some Africans from Ghana want to buy our TV with Bitcoin over a thousand people attended the Bitcoin conference in San Jose May 2013 the Bitcoin forum has over one hundred thousand members discussing Bitcoin payment processor bitpay currently has thousands of merchants using their services to accept Bitcoin payments on their website as of September 2013 the valued bitcoins created has reached 1.5 billion dollars as determined by the free market fit coins needs to be growing at a rapid rate maybe even outpacing the government’s ability to regulate it when the Financial Crimes enforcement network of the Department of the US Treasury announced that virtual currencies are subject to the same rules as other currencies the price didn’t crash in fact it went up from there as if attempts to regulate Bitcoin don’t matter idea that somehow you know you’re escaping government scrutiny or you’re outside the government matrix or whatever is just not true not das was attacked by the government of course this road mount arrests have been made so the government is the government’s watching everything is or a lot of exchange popping up and they started getting hammered I mean with all the laws and banks closing their accounts and stuff like that and that made it difficult but then in comes local difference they let people individuals advertise whether they want to buy or sell and those individuals hook up with each other and that’s making it a lot easier buying Bitcoin is getting easier selling it I guess it’s getting easier to you there’s no reason in the world that a privately issued currency couldn’t be issued and serve maybe even better because it’s totally then it’s totally beyond the temptation of politicians to start meddling with the rules seriously it’s beyond the reach of political temptation now picture a world where you are in control of your money where you’re free to spend any amount small or large anywhere in the world and your identity is safe your money cannot be diluted by government creating it out of nothing and then giving it away to think special interest towards Wars or in foreign aid you can help stop selfish making interest you can shape your destiny and we don’t even have to end the current system you just merely need to bypass it

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