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Date: 2021-05-28 13:17:07

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Expert Interview on “Polkadot’s Ecosystem, NFT & Unique Network”: NFT’s definitively change the game of collecting art since works of art are no longer valued only by their physical existence. Famous artworks are being burnt and transformed into #NFT’s. The NBA sells digital trading cards and Formula 1 offers virtual sports cars. Does that mean NFT’s are not only hype anymore? As a matter of fact, we can’t ignore it anymore. If you are an artist, gamer or collector, you probably should understand the structure and function behind NTF’s by now. What are they based on? What does it mean to be a digital owner and how can smart contracts make NFT’s applicable for the user? In this video Polkadot’s Head Ambassador, Irina Karagyaur and our host Albert Peci will discuss all you need to know about it. They will also introduce the Unique Network Blockchain in the Polkadot ecosystem, which will form a foundation for NFT standards.

As this video is a bit longer, we have divided it into smaller sections for you. This way you can find the topics that are relevant for you directly.

00:00 – Intro
04:25 – How Irena came in contact with blockchain
09:40 – How she came to Polkadot
17:24 – How can we enable people like artists who don’t care about the technology to use it?
20:48 – The Unique Network
24:28 – Does Unique Network already offer something that shows people how and where to buy NFT’s?
27:50 – What is Unique Network? How does it relate to Polkadot and NFT´s?
29:04 – What happens with your ownership when you create a drawing and upload it on Web2?
32:55 – NFT Items in computer games – there are so many opportunities
41:05 – What are the features?
46:20 – Userfriendly Interface
46:58 – NFT’s for gamers
48:45 – How can I publish an image on Unique Network?
50:37 – Current status of Unique Network
52:08 – How to set up your own gallery
53:41 – What will Unique Network look like in the future?
57:44 – We have to have an exchange of ideas (creatives and developer)
59:30 – It can be anything – NFT museum

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